This is our protest against an abortion ban in Poland. This solidarity shirt is a result of collaboration between 23 illustrators gathered by Viktoria Cichon.


Entire profit went to Ciocia Basia, an organization that provides help with safe abortions abroad.


After the ban of abortion in Poland we decided with Viktoria Cichon to make a donation project to help women that are in a desperate need of abortion. We gathered a group of 23 illustrator who donated their work to create this solidarity shirt.

All the illustrators that participated: Viktoria Cichon, Josephine RaisKristina WedelAga BartoszEmma HurseyMagdalena Koźlicka, Sybilla Kuczniak, Giulia Hartz, Roy Draws, Martina Friedrich, Georgia TreloarTessa Curran, Studio Jetzt-Immer, Susann Hoffmann,

Kati SzilagyiClemence GouyBarbara OttCarolin Eitel, Patricia Tarczynski and Lisa Tegtmeier.


in 3 lovely colours!